Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Some Noise You Can Dance To, Some Becomes a Vacuum-Cleaner Symphony

It's fun to watch the evolution of noise artists:
1. Some, like Sunburned Hand of the Man, offer recordings that one could play at parties without clearing the room. Listen to "The Splintering" or "Blues for Game 2" and see what I mean:


2. Others, like Marcia Bassett's merry collective of bands -- Double Leopards, GHQ, Hototogisu, Zaimph, Zaika, and others I've probably never heard of -- seem to dive deeper into a vacuum-cleaner morass:


3. Others wander completely over to the other side of formlessness, and come back sounding like 1930s blues recordings. The fact that Pete and Gabe from Yellow Swans and Tom Carter from Charalambides can make such a melodic work as "Mudsuckers" amazes me:


Noise: It's what's for dinner.

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