Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Score One Lebanese Point for Bush

I'm never hesitant to give the president a smidgeon of credit when he gets something right, since those instances are so few and far between. Several weeks ago, the State Department with backing of DOD and CIA, warned that Hezbollah would try to destabilize Lebanon and bring it back to the Syria-dominated days before March 2005. Critics said the White House was just prejudiced against Hezbollah moving from military to political influence. Well, in the last week, Hezbollah has deliberately brought down the multi-party "confessional" government, and today, Pierre Gemayel was assassinated. I'm sorry, there's no way a good Middle East progressive can rationalize Hezbollah-Syria-Iran behavior, or blame this one on the CIA. I'm sure I won't agree with Bush's response, but at least he had the basic outline right of what might happen in Lebanon.

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