Monday, November 27, 2006

Pagosa Springs Neighborhood Association says "Peace is a Sign of the Devil"

Bob Kearns is the kind of guy the ACLU was made for. A resident of his neighborhood in Pagosa Springs, Colo. (down near Durango) tried to hang a peace-sign wreath. Kearns, the NA President, called it disrespectful and a possible Satanic symbol. When his architectural control commission disagreed with him, he fired all five members. The fact that resident Lisa Jensen is not backing down means that she'll probably win this one, but this should serve to remind us that mandatory neighborhood associations are, with rare exceptions, dictatorial fiefdoms that have no place in a democracy.

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Brian said...

It's a bit chilling how many perfectly reasonable people of my acquaintance are happy to have dictated to them the color of their houses, the length of their grass, where or whether they may place a hedge... all in return for... well, that's not clear to me. Many of them aren't even in gated/guarded communities, so I can't imagine it's even a sense of safety.