Wednesday, November 15, 2006

365 Days of Stopping British Nuclear Subs

Ya gotta admire those Scots, even if they're all drunken souses with the worst eating and smoking habits in the Western world. They're going to blockade the Faslane Trident submarine base for 365 days in a row:

From the site:

Building on the success of previous mass blockades
of the Trident nuclear base at Faslane, there will be a
year-long continuous peaceful blockade at Faslane in
Scotland. To make this happen, groups and organisations from
Scotland, England and Wales, and beyond are being invited
to come and shut down the base for at least one 48-hour
period each during the year.

The purpose of Faslane 365 is twofold: to bring people
to witness and impede the nuclear base where Britain's
nuclear weapons are deployed, and enable them to demonstrate
the range of serious concerns - from human rights to climate
change - that people in the real world consider to be the vital
challenges for the 21st century. Running from October 1st 2006
for a year, at a time when Tony Blair has put on the political
agenda the prospect of spending some £40 billion more to keep
nuclear weapons in Scotland until at least the year 2055, Faslane
365 will draw attention to the dangerous insecurity and waste
of resources inherent in the Trident nuclear system,
and will mobilise support for these nuclear mistakes to be disarmed.
In preventing nuclear 'business as usual' we also intend to highlight
our real, human security needs, which will require a very different
allocation of resources and action.

In order to do this, Faslane 365 is asking a wide range
of local, national and even international groups from all sections
of civil society to come to Faslane with at least 100 people
committed to stay and make their visions for a just and peaceful
future visible for at least one period of 48 hours.

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