Monday, November 20, 2006

Oh for Pete's Sake! Mash Gershwin! Mash the Bible!

Last week, I took Richard Goldstein's side of slamming the deification of Dylan, now it's time to repeat the exercise with the Beatles. Giles Martin wants to produce a Beatles mashup, and Bob Spitz, author of "The Beatles: The Biography" doesn't like it. Cry me a freakin' river! Icons only exist for vandals to paint fake moustaches on. While it will be hard for Martin to beat the Danger Mouse "Gray Album" mash-up of Beatles and Jay-Z, it would be just as much fun to hear a Beatles remix of their own tunes, as to read a cut-and-paste mash of Joyce or Vonnegut or Pynchon. Hey, check out Pere Ubu's sideways revamp of their October 2006 album, 'Why I Hate Women," titled "Why I Remix Women," and tell me Giles Martin isn't doing the right thing. Spitz and friends, stop putting culture heroes on pedestals, it does not flatter their legacy.

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