Saturday, August 23, 2008

Tornado Warning

Out of nowhere, the Weather Service issued a tornado warning for Monument and Palmer Lake on Saturday afternoon. They said funnels were coming over the front range. Intelligent people ran for cover. Idiots went up on the scrambling rock on the ridge to get a picture before the rain started.

Don't worry, folks, the funnels just jumped right over the mountains and headed out to the plains. One did touch down at Eleven-Mile Reservoir, though, Abby's favorite camping spot. The newspaper got it wrong, however, we were under a warning, not a watch. A Denver Post article emphasized the rarity of touch-downs at the altitude of Eleven-Mile (9,000 feet or so). We often have tornados that form on the east side of the Front Range, but this tornado actually passed across the tops of the mountains seen in the video - weird.


Sharon said...

That's disturbing. I thought we were immune at 5000 feet! Glad they skipped by and that you guys are safe!

Some day we're going to have to get stats on how many deaths are Youtube related! :)

Ruth said...

That's funny, Sharon, sort of!

Loring, after the massive wind storm that roared through here this summer and downed our tree, I saw how fast damage can be done. Try to be safe.

RunninL8 said...

Tornados headed this way, too!!!

Oh, wait. Apparently it's just Micky Dolenze and Juice Newton at our state fair.

Loring Wirbel said...

Mickey Dolenz and Juice Newton? I'd go. Tornado in Parker yesterday, not far from me, made international news.