Friday, August 22, 2008

Disinviting Al-Jazeera

Looking for proof that your average American citizen is an utter moron? Look no further than Golden, Colo. (after all, it is the home of Coors Beer, manufactured by neocon idiots to be consumed by neocon idiots). Seems City Manager Mike Bestor invited the news crew of al-Jazeera English to his home for a BBQ while they prepared a city profile during the Denver DNC. Shocked hordes of citizens, concerned with al-Jazeera's "support for terrorism," forced him to withdraw his invite. The next time someone complains about Bush, remind them that very few citizens show signs of deserving anyone better for president.


Sharon said...

Another shake your head and smile moment this week was the Federal Reserve meeting in Jackson Hole to discuss unemployment, the mortgage crisis, and inflation. That's kind of like gathering on Martha's Vineyard to discuss poverty.

Ruth said...

Even though it's ridiculous how the neighbors responded, I'm heartened by the City Manager - just knowing there is someone like that.

I hope rauf isn't right that we are evolving into what the neocon idiots want: pliant believers in THE WORLD IS BAD WE ARE GOOD religion.