Saturday, August 23, 2008

Slam Dunk!

The Colorado Springs Gazette is a funny newspaper. Often derided as ultra-right, it is actually Libertarian, and will give fairer coverage to the left than the centrist Denver papers will. Today's front cover of the print edition was a home run out of the park. The banner coverage of Pfc Robin Long's case was written by the hard-bitten military affairs reporter, yet was fair and comprehensive in its coverage. Better yet, underneath the fold was a long article on Mary Lynn Sheetz and her wonderful Alterni-Tees T-shirt shop. She's busy making dozens of shirts to hawk at the demonstrations and parties outside the Democratic Convention. I have a big bag of them right now. Browse her designs, I'm sure you'll find ones you love.


John Ackerson said...

As you are probably already aware of Loring, or can attempt an educated guess at, up here in Canada Stephen Harper is seen by the progressive crowd to be one of the U.S. Republican's own, or more directly to the point - a Bush minion.

This may be seen by some to be a harsh assessment of Harper, but he did nix a suggestion by the Senate up here that media concentration should be more widely dispersed between more hands, and defended its concentration instead.

We in Canada are also possibly facing an election call for this fall. An official date isn't mandatory until next year in Oct.2009 I believe.

But Harper's 'Tory' government being elected a minority government has already been on borrowed time since its inception, and lucky for them that the opposition party the 'Liberals' is led by weak, and ineffectual Stephan Dion they've been able to act like a majority government. And, this is why Harper may call an early election, because in politics, timing in elections is always to your advantage when your opponent is at his weakest, and Dion is weak, weak, weak.

Do I trust Stephen Harper to do the right thing? I'll answer by allowing you to ask me if I trust W. Bush to do the right thing.

Goodbye democracy - hello police state?... or I'll let you know after how the Net Neutrality debate plays out in parliament up here.

Loring Wirbel said...

Trying to pretend that Harper is anything but harsh is like trying to pretend that Tony Blair wasn't George Bush's poodle!

Sharon said...

You're right it is a fair and well written article. I had been wondering if 15 months was severe so I was glad that they covered that point. It's a high price to pay for him but (in my opinion) the right one, and an important service to our country. There are all kinds of ways to fight and fighting this war is so much more important than fighting in it.

Those tees look so familiar...they must sell some of their designs through Northern Sun.

Sharon said...

I didn't mean the sentence was "right". I meant that choosing to go to jail rather than to war was the right one!

Loring Wirbel said...

Oh, yeah, she sells them through Northern Sun. Mary Lynn has about five national distributors.

Don said...

I'm so glad I was just young enough to miss Viet Nam. I can't imagine having my children go to Iraq for this "mission."