Saturday, March 21, 2009

Iraq Year Six: 'Occupation is a Crime'

We held an Iraq invasion commemoration on Saturday at noon at Colorado College. Excerpts from speeches by Bill Durland and Bill Sulzman are in the video above, as are songs from Mary Sprunger-Froese playing with Buck Buchanan, and from Heidi Cooper.

In Part 2 above, you can hear speeches by me, Grace Yenne, and Genie Durland.

In the final segment above, Tom Kerwin reads a Martin Luther King quote, Ed Billings gets people ready to march, and folks march and chant from CC to Acacia Park.


Ruth said...

Excellent, Loring.

Your speech was very helpful and informative. All of them were. I really appreciate the focus of the whole rally on peace, and with the words of MLK Jr, on protesting without hate. Just the facts, ma'am!

Thank you so much for this commemoration, which is a very sad one.

I had, and still have, very conflicted feelings about my latest post. Not sure quite how to respond to comments. How do I talk about something I am angry about now? Well, I set myself up for it, and now I'm not sure I'm glad I did. But life is like this. We are faced with tough choices, as you said about Obama so well. I am unhappy with his choices in Afghanistan, I keep hoping he'll change his course there.

Anyway, fantastic job, I wish your rally had been as big in size as it was in heart. All the more reason to congratulate you for your perseverance.

Loring Wirbel said...

Our local conservative paper did surprisingly sympathetic coverage in the Sunday print edition, not only giving 24 inches to the rally itself, but placing it in a Page 3 special that mentioned other nationwide rallies and tallied up the war's costs. Unfortunately, most of Sunday's stories aren't online yet, must be a glitch.

Haven't seen your post, better go check!

Sharon said...

I don't think I can say it any better than Ruth just did,

"I wish your rally had been as big in size as it was in heart. All the more reason to congratulate you for your perseverance."

so ditto that.

shicat said...

yeah rally on peace. Hmmmm middle east politics, who, what can ...... appreciate the effort.Get out now got it accept and respect cultural differences...etc. Hey guess what,can you believe it Dave got a double??? what???? Yea, Stalnov Pakt what? Oh,Dave says it's martial industrial music.... What? Oh, also ambient. So anyway hmmmm you may have similar interests. He has a trade list... not that I'm soliciting.He is much more interesting!Serious loved the rally so good:0)

Loring Wirbel said...

Ambient martial industrial music should probably be listened to after Tuvan throat music - as a palate cleanser. Which reminds me, title of the new No-Neck Blues Band album is, "At 6 am We Become the Police".