Monday, March 16, 2009

Cog Railway to Pikes Peak

67 degrees at the bottom of Ruxton Avenue, 28 degrees at the summit. OK, did Barr Trail, did the train, did the Garden, gotta get some frickin' work done. Wonderful Rocky Mountain spring, though.


Ruth said...

Were those goats?

Imagine my great grandparents climbing Pike's Peak on those rocks.

Work shmirk.

Loring Wirbel said...

They're bighorn sheep. The lack of audio was a YouTube arbitrary decision to silence the use of Grateful Dead's "Casey Jones" as a soundtrack. For audio, visit Facebook, who don't care about such matters.

RunninL8 said...

Sorta reminds me of Mt. Washington.
I used to have Bighorns in the back yard when I lived in MT.
twas neato!

otin said...

We went up Pikes Peak in a 1979 MGB! The engine didn't want to stay running because of the elevation. It was a great time!

Loring Wirbel said...

The last time I went up the Cog Railway, I took my parents in early summer last year, and forgot that that very day, they had closed the road to the peak for the Pikes Peak Road Race. We got to the top, and modified dragsters were roaring up to the top every 30 seconds or so. The engineer this week said that the Japanese guy who won last year took the final hairpin turn at the top at 76 mph. Yikes.