Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The War Macine Ain't Green

Hats off to Bill Sulzman for putting together an excellent flyer for the opening of the Fort Carson Sustainability Conference in Colorado Springs Oct. 30-31. Fort Carson, one of the leading battle-management sites for Iraq, has been trying to convince the Colorado Springs community it's been "going green" since 2002. This year, it has signed up Sierra Club, Colorado Springs Independent, and Natural Capitalism Inc., among others, to support its efforts. As the flyer points out, Defense Department facilities can claim compliance with hazardous-waste or alternative-energy laws, but an active military base for deployment can't claim it's green, and environmental groups "greenwash" the effort when they support such nonsense. The conference comes at a particularly sensitive time, when Fort Carson is trying to expand its training area to include millions of new environmentally-fragile acres in southeastern Colorado.
The flip side of Bill's flyer points to two particularly revealing quotes from Natural Capitalism founder Hunter Lovins, ex-wife of Amory Lovins. In 2004, Lovins called the Bush team going into Iraq the number-one enemy of environmentalists. In 20o06, after receiving a contract from Fort Carson, Lovins was praising the ability of Fort Carson troops to enter Iraq in an environmentally-sustainable way. Hmm. It's also interesting to note that Susan Gordon found a deck of playing cards at the conference lauding the efforts of the U.S. military to preserve historical sites in Iraq. Can anyone say National Museum?

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