Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Magnetic E Street Fields

Of course, I agree wholeheartedly with Entertainment Weekly that Bruce's Magic is his best since Born in the USA or maybe The River. But why hasn't any reviewer thus far

mentioned a new source of inspiration for The E Street Band - namely, Magnetic Fields from the 69 Love Songs period? Don't believe me? Listen to the opening riffs of "Your Own Worst Enemy" or "Girls In Their Summer Clothes." Almost spooky. Of course, Bruce Springsteen and Stephin Merritt both follow the Phil Spector wall-of-sound style, though hopefully without harming Hollywood starlets. But what should be an unpleasant mashup works as well as a Reese's commercial - "Hey, you got Merritt in my Springsteen!" "Hey, you got Springsteen in my Meritt!" Yum.


John G said...

I still think Tunnel of Love is his best work. "God have mercy on the man who doubts what he's sure of."

Loring Wirbel said...

Wow, haven't heard many people list that one as their favorite, but now that I remember the songs, it's good!