Sunday, September 23, 2007

River of Aspens

First day of fall in Colorado - aspens have turned, harvests are in, hot springs are steaming with the first cold rains to hit the mountains. Spent the weekend in the Fraser Basin, watching the colors and soaking, and remembering how unparalleled the turning season is in the Rockies.


Ruth said...

Well, it's not the Rockies, but autumn so far in Michigan has been stellar. We have a stand of poplars on our property that wave incessantly at me and are turning golden too, a little behind yours. It seems that in the fall our air here gets more clear, as in CO. I do dislike the humidity here intensely. And oh, how I'd love to see the night sky there. I lived in Oregon a few months in 1976 at 7,000 feet, and I learned about stardust then.

John G said...

One of the best things about Colorado definitely!