Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Propping Up Myths, on Land and in Space

Surrounded by gratuitous myth-making today. Ruth Mowry's excellent Synchronizing blog has an outstanding entry on the whole UAW-GM strike and hybrid-vehicle problem today, and I would ask everyone to march right over there and consider her questions, maybe even weigh in on something that is weighing on me, for reasons I expressed over there. Meanwhile, the New York Times serves up warmed-over Sputnik signals on the 50th anniversary of the world's first artificial satellite, and rehashes the same Cold War half-lies and crap we've heard since the JFK era. I listed my complaints in "Superficial Spacemen" in my EE Times blog.


Ruth said...

Eeeeee doggies, thanks for that. I had a TERRIBLY sad conversation today after posting what I did, with a woman at work whose husband is on the GM/UAW strike, her son is laid off from GM, and her son's wife is going to be laid off by the State of MI next week. Times are hard in MI, bro, be glad you left when you did. (Which was how long ago?)

Loring Wirbel said...

At Surf City Convent in 1977, I was getting exasperated with life, with Michigan parochialism, with MSU putting its entire communication sciences department under the business school, and Rosa Maria Arenas threw the tarot cards and said, "Boy, you're supposed to be in Arizona!" I left the next day. (I actually stopped in Oklahoma City for two months to work pretrial for the Karen Silkwood trial, but that detail makes the story have less continuity.) Started working for the ASU Publications Dept. in Tempe in Jan. 1978.

Ruth said...

Thanks for the history. Wow, Karen Silkwood.

BTW, the strike is over. Gonna go read about it.

Loring Wirbel said...

The Silkwood civil discovery was NOT fun. Kerr-McGee had Okla City spooked to death in 1977-78, intimidating everybody. I really liked Bill Davis with Christic Institute who worked on that trial, but Danny Sheehan and Sarah Nelson from Christic were a bit too much to deal with.

Strike settled! Huzzah!