Saturday, March 3, 2007

Ning, Noise, and the Social-Network Bunnyrabbit Problem

My boss Brian Fuller made me aware of the new meta-social-networking site,, which Marc Andreessen of Netscape started, since Brian did a piece on it in his Greeleys Ghost blog. I gave Ning a test drive and set up a vertical social network on experimental noise music, NoiseAnnoys.

On Saturday morning, the NY Times did an article on Ning, next-gen social networks, and Cisco Systems' desire to buy another site, The writer suggested such sites would be as common as Web pages soon. Isn't there a problem with user fatigue here? Social networking sites require a good deal of audience participation, and I think folks already are burned out on YouTube, MySpace, Facebook, etc. We don't need these sites proliferating like bunny rabbits!

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