Sunday, March 25, 2007

Europe's New Colonization

Why are the Social Democrat, Christian Democrat, and Green parties in European nations united in wanting to expel U.S. missile-defense expansion from Europe? Why was Gen. Trey Obering's "Star Wars" tour of Europe in early March such a flop? Maybe because Europeans can see where the old Cold War military-base colonization is being replaced by a new generation of bases. Possible Star Wars radar and missile bases now are talked about for Poland, Czech Republic, Georgia, and Azerbaijan. In Germany, site of the Global Network's 2007 meeting, Stuttgart has had to live with the European Command for decades, and now is playing host to a separate U.S. African Command. In Darmstadt, a progressive college town, many of the signals-intelligence duties formerly undertaken by the Bad Aibling base near Munich are now being shifted to the August Euler airbase outside Darmstadt. It's no wonder Angela Merkl is finding common cause with the Greens for the first time. It's interesting to see that even the U.S. military newspaper, Stars and Stripes, saw fit to run an article on the Global Network's critiques.

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