Saturday, June 13, 2009

Flobots Community Space Opens in Denver

I'm always writing about Flobots because I'm so impressed that they walk the talk, more than any band I can think of (check this blog's archives for more). The band runs two interlinked nonprofits for social change, and On June 12, they opened a special Larimer Street community space in Denver for nonprofits to work on social, political, arts projects. The evening began with Serafin Sanchez's jazz band:

Then, Flobots poets/singers Jonny 5 and Brer Rabbit did a welcome/thank-you session:

I talked with the new executive director Laura Bond about plans for the site:

... and then talked with board member Sarah Gill about how this crazy opportunity arose:

The evening ended with some very moving speeches from Lesley Johnson and Joshua Watkins, about what it meant to become a member of the Flobots' Street Team:

Now, even in the midst of a world in turmoil, how can you stay pessimistic in the midst of energy like this?

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Ruth said...

Bravo to the Flobots. This needs to happen in every town, like Sarah said. Woohoo!