Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Canal videos at last

After being at sea with no Internet connection for too durned long, I offer belated videos of the Canal passing:

Stops in Cartagena and Jamaica:

The Monteverde cloud forest at Selvatura Park:

And here's a final clip of the last few days at sea, with Pampas Devils and dolphins and midnight jams:


Ruth said...

I've only known one other person who's crossed through the canal - a friend who is now 70 who passed through when he was 16 on a ship to Hawaii, by himself.

This was so cool. What was the occasion? Did I hear someone say your group was in the paper? Were those people really there to cheer you guys on? Forgive me if you told us what this trip was about (maybe for pleasure only) - but I'm drawing a blank.

You have been a very busy guy!

Loring Wirbel said...

I haven't provided a lot of journal-detail, have I? The occasion was insanely good deal traveling on a ship going from Florida to California, needing to fill its cabins. I think the item in the newspaper was in reference to the Korean front-page color pic. The crowds on the top of the Miraflores building are there all the time to cheer on any ship with passengers, I guess! In regard to trip itself, our musician friend Maureen (playing ukelele in the video) learned about the opportunity, and the price kept going down and down, due to recession, til it was close to free. Lots to write about, not motivated to do so yet.

Ruth said...

Oh, oh and oh.

All in good time, my friend, all in good time. No twittery expectations from this cyber personality.