Sunday, June 1, 2008

Yo Ho! Rendition on the High Seas, Matey!

Who says CIA proprietary airline pilots have to have all the fun? The Guardian in the UK claimed June 2 that the US Navy, in conjunction with CIA and Special Operations groups, is sponsoring classified rendition missions aboard such ships as USS Ashland, USS Bataan, and USS Peleliu (pictured). Kudos to the human-rights organization Reprieve for deciphering the details of the secret prison ships. Isn't it great how our fine nation can deny human rights on the land, in the sea, and in the air? Granted, no prison camps in space yet, but we're working on the problem.


Don said...

Maybe the military will have to resort to the old conscription tactics of the 18th and 19th century English navy and then they will be imprisoning our children to work on their ships and tanks. Oh, they used to call that the draft.

Loring Wirbel said...

Except the Brits called it "impressment." Maybe we could call it that for would-be al-Qaeda operatives, encouraging them to join the Navy instead. Then we'd be like Gaul and Rome, the empire eaten away from the inside out from all those new recruits we signed up on the prison ships. Nothing ever really changes, eh?

wretch said...

You guys are a bunch of liberal saps. Take a look at that picture.

That building in the background is the state house in Salem, OR.

And what is Salem most famous for? That's right -- witchcraft.

Which proves that Dunkin Donuts is promoting satanism.

And what are donuts? Empty calories built around a hole. In other words, a symbol of nothingness, and therefore godlessness.

AND the word "donuts" contains the word "nuts" which everyone knows is a synonym for testicles. By getting a well-known _female_ chef as a spokesperson, Dunkin Donuts is clearly encouraging "eating" do-"nuts". The company is trying to lure our American women into illicit sex acts.

"Dunkin" is also a homonym for "Duncan," a name that does not come from America. It's _foreign_. Do you get it yet, you tools?

Michelle Malkin didn't go nearly far enough in exposing the insidiousness of the organization we are forced to call Dunkin Donuts...

Loring Wirbel said...

Umm, you are commenting on Dunkin in a post about sea-based renditions. Reading Michelle Malkin obviously has affected your brain!

wretch said...

Brains are for appeasers and traitors.

-- Brian