Tuesday, June 24, 2008

NY Times and Obama: Honeymoon is Over

Well, here's an odd twist I hadn't expected. The NY Times dissed the Obama campaign on the front page of the print edition for two days in a row. On Monday, June 23, it was about corn-based ethanol and Obama's deference to ethanol promoters. The next day, there was a front-pager about Obama's handlers trying to discourage campaign help from American Muslims, saying "we have a very tightly wrapped message." Yeah, I just bet they do.

This is not a sudden bashing session paid for by Hillary or motivated out of concern that coverage in the past had been weighted to open Obama worship. It's simply a recognition by the Times that Obama is a centrist, manufactured product who has some serious shortcomings. He's still a strong candidate. But Obamaniacs have got to stop putting the guy on a pedestal.


Ruth said...


And I'm working on a silly little post about ethanol.

Loring Wirbel said...

Very hard-hitting editorial in the NY Times on July 4, "New and Not Improved":

Sharon said...

Sadly, a really great editorial. Obama is making it very hard for those of us who want to at least PRETEND to believe.