Tuesday, May 20, 2008

At Last - An Activist Band Gets Mainstream Credit

Let's hear it for Denver's Flobots, who are always willing to perform benefits, speak out for human rights, and cause trouble when necessary. Everyone was bitching about the hip-hop group signing to a major label, but when their new album Fight with Tools ended up in Best Buy's national circular for $7.99 specials this week, I figured it was a good way to spread a radical message.

The Denver Post thought so too, and put Flobots on the front page of the print edition May 20. We need more mass-audience tales of shit-disturbers. Here's the video for their new song "Handlebars."


Ruth said...

I'm bummed because I am unable to play any youtube videos. I've uninstalled and reinstalled adobe flash player. Still nada.

How was the party?

Loring Wirbel said...

Wonderful! Lots of people came, but we still had so much fajita fixings left over, we took 50 pounds over to the soup kitchen.

That is strange, you should be able to play YouTube straight from the browser, without Flash.

Ruth said...

Glad you had fun! That is precisely what we did after Lesley's open house. We had several BIG trays of Chinese food left over, and we trucked it over to the Lansing City Rescue Mission.

Yeah, I know, Peter said the same thing, but no matter what I do, nuttin works. I need a techie at work to look at a couple other issues anyway, so maybe next week I can get it ironed out. After five days off with Lesley home! Have a good Memorial Day weekend relaxing. You deserve it!

CraigM said...

That video's pretty powerful stuff. Flobots, eh? I'll check them out. thanks loring!