Thursday, April 3, 2008

We Almost Took Him Down

For a couple days this week, it almost looked as though Robert Mugabe was actually going to concede in Zimbabwe. Oops, guess not, the raids started Thursday morning and included an editor with the New York Times. Shame on Heidi Holland for suggesting in the April 1 (April Fool's?) edition of the Times that the western nations needed to make better negotiation attempts with Mugabe. Negotiate with the man who thinks all gays should be slaughtered? With the man who initiated a massacre against ZAPU Nkomo supporters in Matabeleland in the 1980s, and has only gone crazier since then? The man who gave his nation 100,000 percent inflation?

Screw that. We need to find someone in the Simba Makoni faction of ZANU who will simply place a well-deserved bullet in the center of Mugabe's brain. That's the only kind of negotiation that will save the people of Zimbabwe.


Ruth said...

Yeah, there are times that's the best answer. How do people like this get made.

Don said...

Or we should build a nasty compound and fill it up with this guy and all others like him. Just kidnap them in the middle of the night and toss them in.