Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Meaningless Elections, Indistinguishable Parties

When confronted with a group as nasty as the Bush team it's hard to sustain belief in the Ralph Nader dictum on the two major parties being indistinguishable. Problem is, as far as end results are concerned, there's a lot of truth there. As the NY Times' primary editorial Aug. 7 pointed out, the weekend sellout on the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act was a perfect example on how useless the Democrats have become. And an Associated Press article on the real results of this surveillance bill should show us that its impact will last far longer than six months.
Meanwhile, latest polls show that Hillary Clinton has moved far ahead of her contenders in the Democratic race. Hillary, the one whose "changes" of opinion on the war have all been superficial. Hillary, who is even better than her husband at triangulating every possible position, since she carries no deep-seated opinions of her own. Hillary, who thinks Rahm Emanuel is a great asset to the Democratic Party.
It's only August 2007, and I already could care less about the 2008 elections, even if it means the end of the Bush era. This country is run by two shades of the imperial class, and nothing can be done to change that.

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Dr. said...

The United States has clearly jumped the shark. Those with any common sense left need to perform a "soft invasion" of another country (TBD), and meet for coffee. The Republicans and Democrats of this country aptly demonstrate, with extreme prejudice, that there are worse things than 80% taxation.