Sunday, August 12, 2007

Gin and Chris Hitchens: Trotsky to George Bush to Harry Potter

Gin can make you do strange things, as elaborated in Stephen Merritt's wonderful song, 'Love is like a bottle of gin.' (69 Love Songs, Magnetic Fields). Ask Christopher Hitchens. He used to be the drunkard's favorite Trotskyist. In 2002, he suddenly decided he loved George Bush and neoconservatism, and became a leading spokeswhore for the Iraq invasion, still imbibing just as freely. Neocons did not return the favor, since his latest book says mean things about God. Anyway, the New York Times in its infinite wisdom (or maybe irony) chose Hitchens to review the last Harry Potter book, and the results are on the cover of the Aug. 12 New York Times Book Review.

Stay away from that Tanqueray 'n' Tonic, it'll kill ya.

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