Monday, July 30, 2007

Seizure of Properties of War Opponents

At first, I figured it had to be one of those lefty conspiracy theories. On Monday afternoon, July 30, British friends sent a link to Michael Chossudovsky's analysis of an Executive order signed by Bush on July 17. I was somewhat skeptical because Chossudovsky has worked with Global Outlook, a Canadian magazine that used to carry good international economic analysis, until it became obsessed with proving 9/11 conspiracy theories. Now it's next to worthless.

But Chossudovsky was spot-on, in fact the White House carried the text of the order on its Web site. While it appears to be aimed at violent instigators of actions against the war, it could easily be extended to cover protesters involved in civil disobedience. OK, it may be midsummer, but where the hell is the U.S. media on this one?

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