Monday, February 19, 2007

Robert Seldon Lady: Naming Names

Now that Germans, Italians, and other NATO members are indicting CIA agents (mostly operating under false names) left and right for participation in the "extraordinary rendition" scandal, isn't it about time that U.S. journalists drop their silly reticence to name the key players, solely out of fear of violating Intelligence Identities Protection Act? The Italian Web site 4law, backed up by Wikipedia et al., says that the main planner for the kidnapings is Robert Seldon Lady, who was operating out of Milan during most of the period in question. He's now a retiree living in the U.S. Other key personnel included Jeffrey Castelli, then CIA station chief in Rome; Col. Joseph Romano of Aviano Air Base; and agents Sabrina De Sosa and Ralph Henry Russomando. Why isn't this regularly reported in the U.S.? Since Web reporting is international by nature, we can only chalk it up to the chickenshit nature of U.S. journalists.

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