Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Three Cheers for German Prosecutors...

... for issuing arrest warrants against 13 CIA operatives involved in "extraordinary renditions" in Germany. Of course, the U.S. will never extradite them. But the word needs to go out to U.S. citizens that any folks involved in aiding CIA proprietary airlines in North Carolina and elsewhere, serving as pilots and medics as well as active CIA agents, should be subject to international arrest, maybe even subject to the same extraordinary rendition procedures they inflicted on others. End of story.

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Brian said...

Is there ever any discussion in U.S. policy circles you're aware of about the affects of having our intelligence agents posing as journalists, businessmen, academics, aid workers?

It occurs to me that if everyone else in the world has a perfectly reasonable suspicion that any U.S. citizen -- from the people helping to build clean wells to those issuing visas -- then no American is safe when politics devolves into violence anywhere else in the world.