Monday, March 1, 2010


At the last minute in a week of indecision, I decided to go down to Jemez Springs in New Mexico to speak along with my friend Bill at the annual meeting of the Pacific Life Community. Normally, this group follows a faith-based path of resistance to nuclear weapons, but this year's conference cast its net a little wide. Our old friend, Sister Joan Brown, was there from Albuquerque to talk about her trip to Copenhagen for the Climate Summit, and her efforts to link environmentalism and opposition to militarism. Joan was director of Pikes Peak Justice and Peace Commission years ago, and it was great to see her and hear about her latest work. Here's the first part of her speech, with continuations on my YouTube channel:

Another interesting aspect of this conference was the involvement of many college and high school students in a new group called Think Outside the Bomb. The group will tour the nation, stopping at locations with military bases and nuclear manufacturing sites to conduct skits, demonstrate renewable energy, and develop strategies of opposition. Exciting!

Bill spoke for half an hour on Southwestern military bases and the history of opposition to them. Here's Part 1:

I gave my usual rant on military theory, Part 1 is below and Part 2 is on my You Tube channel.

Saw many old friends and had some dazzling personal experiences. Feelings of discouragement have been banished for the year. Jemez has put me in the spirit.

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Ruth said...

Sounds like this was just the medicine you needed, Loring. I'm so glad to hear your rekindled spirit and new hope. Onward, my man, onward!