Thursday, August 20, 2009

Bruce Manning, Presente!

Good ol' gregarious larger-than-life Bruce ... poker tournament emcee and organizer ... improv comedian ... PR and podcast specialist who knew more about optical communications than most of his clients ... quintessential Southern Californian with gold chain and perfect tan ... knew the best jokes and told me one Monday ... died suddenly Aug. 19 of causes yet unknown.

"Enjoy every sandwich." - Warren Zevon, on the occasion of his inoperable cancer

Indeed I shall, Warren. I savored every minute of that toasted everything bagel at the auto mechanic's today. I was sure Bruce was snickering about the mess I was making.


Loring Wirbel said...

I don't even know who this guy is, but he plays the simplest and best version of "My Man" on YouTube. The song was originally written in memory of Gram Parsons, but I'm posting it in memory of Bruce Manning, since Bruce was South...ern California to the core, and it fits somehow:

CraigM said...

Looks like cause of death was a massive (and wholly unexpected) heart attack.

OC Register obit:

Good post, Loring. Bruce will be missed. It happens I'll be in L.A. this weekend, so I'm shuffling my schedule to get to the funeral. (1 p.m. Sunday at Harbor Lawn Cemetery, 1625 Gisler Ave., Costa Mesa.)