Monday, July 13, 2009

A Denver Opportunity to Wake the Dead

Good friend Maureen Brennan has played Celtic harp for the last few years in a Celtic/Grateful Dead tribute band called Wake the Dead. I'll admit to never being a huge Deadhead, and to having my sensibility lean more toward Mars Hotel than American Beauty or Workingman's Dead, but hearing a couple studio recordings convinced me this band would be great. They came to Denver this past weekend to play to Colorado Irish Festival. (The festival was immediately adjacent to the infamous Columbine High School, next to the memorial site for 1999.) We met for dinner Friday night in torrential rain, came to Denver Saturday in torrential rain for the first day's set, spent the evening poolside with sippin' whiskey, and came back to the fest Sunday (this time in only occasional rain) for more WtD. I recorded a couple dozen tunes, which I won't try to sample here, just point you to the YouTube library.

But I will show a song that meant a lot to Maureen, which Wake the Dead does not often do:

...And show a Saturday night acoustic free-for-all jam with more than 30 aspiring Irish musicians:

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Greeley's Ghost said...

I love it! I've heard of Wake the Dead but haven't had a chance to hear them. Thanks for sharing your videos, Loring. These guys are fabulous, but it would be hard for this longtime Deadhead to say otherwise. Love the U.S. Blues cover and the Celtic combination is inspired.
Maggie, my daughter who loves much music but especially the dead and celtic rhythms, will love these folks (unless she's way ahead of me, which probably is the case).
Thanks, Loring1