Sunday, January 18, 2009

Justice Sunday

While Barack Obama was being lauded by Bruce Springsteen, U2, Mary J. Blige, Betty Lavette, Jon Bon Jovi, and a host of stars at the Lincoln Memorial fest Jan. 18, Colorado Springs was having its own little festival of justice. The afternoon started with a rally on behalf of Palestinian rights in Gaza, with a great turnout of kids. The younger cheering section is featured above, and other rally videos are here, here, and here.

Later in the afternoon, Opera Theatre of the Rockies held the first of several special events leading up to a Feb. 28 presentation of the Kurt Weill/Langston Hughes/Elmer Rice opera, Street Scene. On Sunday, 20 actors read a sit-down version of the play sans sets or stage action. This will be followed by musical selections Jan. 25, a showing of the 1931 movie Feb. 5, a discussion on social aspects of poverty and recession Feb. 8, a survey of Kurt Weill Feb. 12, a wine tasting Feb. 13, and a sneak preview of the set Feb. 15. The spoken play was a wonderful preview of the opera to come.

Finally, at 4 p.m., the Martin Luther King march proceeded from Acacia Park, site of the Gaza protest, to Shove Chapel on Colorado College campus. The crowd is above, the Peace and Justice banner-carriers are here. Felt like a little local representation of the Obama mania in DC.


Ruth said...

It's perfect that you posted this today! After Don and I had a hot tub discussion about whether Loring would be in DC or not. "No," said I. "He would only go if there were going to be some special rally there that he was participating in. He'll be involved in rallies in Co. Springs."

And here you are. The Langston Hughes events sound awesome. What a cool thing to have a progressive series of events that really make you absorb the thing. Now I want to see the movie.

John G said...

I was a coin flip from being there on Sunday too. I was there last week for work and almost had to stay another week, I would've dropped you line had I stayed. Too bad for me though, that looks awesome!