Friday, July 18, 2008

Name Six Random Things to Do Before You Die and Then Go Tag Them

Oh, boy, it's random facts time. Don Mowry at Green Barn tagged me to reveal six random things I've yet to reveal on this site.

1. The only thing I ever won in my life was a set of X-Acto blades from a model car company when I was ten.

2. I was the first person to streak my high school.

3. My last name is the name of the biggest roller coaster in Europe.

4. The after-party of the high school prom in my junior year involved going to Spartan Speedway to see the New York Dolls perform live. That was the height of avant-garde. Everything from there on down was trite. And at the big 1982 anti-nuclear march in New York, I was standing in the pee line next to David Johannsen of the NY Dolls and got to tell him about it.

5. I shared a house in Albuquerque in 1984 with a mobile-home salesman who was really a wanted fugitive, and the FBI ended up raiding the house.

6. I steal the rye crackers from Gardetto's mix, and have a soft spot for Sweet Spicy Chile Doritos, preferable with a home-brewed pale ale.

OK, I'll tag:

Greeley's Ghost, Brian Fuller's informative blog on the death of journalism as we know it.

One Small Square, Sharon's stunning arts and photography and literature blog, simply because Don didn't tag her.

Portable Design, John Donovan's tech blog on all things embedded.

Umm, now I've run out of good prospects....


Don said...

"Fastest thing on two feet" I was never tempted to steak, but kinda wish I had.

Ruth said...

Loring, I didn't know.

About the streak! That was you???

Sharon said...

Okay SOMEONE out there must have a photo of Loring's #2 and THAT would make for one fun post!
Ruth, you need to start rummaging!!! :)

Loring Wirbel said...

No photos that I know of. I ran into Mrs. Landis (literally) and she was going to testify, but the evidence was spotty. I was wearing a red stocking cap, and five other guys wore red stocking caps later that day. By the way, Sharon, I tagged you, but only because Donny made me.

Ruth said...

Oh dear! Mrs. Landis, let's see, senior English class. She promised if we wrote ourselves a letter to be read 10 years hence, she would send them to us. She never did.

And I would HOPE she wouldn't recognize you.

I don't think my yearbook has a photo of any streakers, drats.