Friday, March 21, 2008

Denver, Democrats Unite to Insure Convention Ugliness

The Democratic Convention in Denver this summer already was shaping up to be an ugly affair, what with the DNC canceling the hotel reservations of Michigan and Florida delegates as a means of "punishment."

Now, the city of Denver is working overtime with Democrats to deny a protest group, Recreate '68, any rights. A lottery for the use of parks, held on March 18, was so rigged it had to be stopped. And on March 20, the city "awarded" the Democrats the use of Civic Center Park over several civil groups. Organizers of Recreate '68 said they will protest at the convention site even if police confrontation is guaranteed. Even though Mayor Hickenlooper said he is liberal, he's beginning to look more like Richard Daley Sr. every day. And even though I'll probably vote for the Democratic candidate that wins, the party convention is shaping up to be a shameful affair.


Ruth said...

Oh how ridiculous! When will people realize that fighting those who want to voice objections - especially beforehand! - only makes them more determined to voice them, and yes, it will be uglier. And guess who is making it that way? Not those voicing objections. Grrrrr.

Greeley's Ghost said...

It's really funny party, in a sad sad way.
It has a fantastic opportunity to win back the White House and frankly reshape what the party is about (if Obama gets the upper hand). But it takes every chance it gets to run around with scissors. I don't get it.
Well, Loring, the good news is your summer is going to be very entertaining nearby!!

Ruth said...

Would Hillary please just drop out?