Wednesday, January 2, 2008

When Does the RIAA Madness End? When CDs Are Finally Dead?

Just when you think the Recording Industry Association of America couldn't get any loonier, along comes the Washington Post to tell us about an Arizona lawsuit in which RIAA argues that you cannot legally purchase a CD, convert the files into MP3 or FLAC, and store those files on your computer. Excuse me? That is the default way of listening to music these days, unless the purchaser buys files from iTunes and stores them directly, bypassing CDs altogether. The case against Jeffrey Howell of Scottsdale, Ariz. seems to suggest that RIAA wants this to happen.

They'll probably get their death wish soon enough. Variety magazine online reported that holiday sales of CDs were down a whopping 21 percent from a year ago, indicating the death of a format. And with lawsuits like the RIAA/Howell one, that death will be hastened exponentially.


Greeley's Ghost said...

You see these movies about really bad people and organizations and you think to yourself "that's a little Hollywood hyperbole. People really can't be THAT bad in real life." And then you run into the RIAA.
Does the RIAA understand the concept of fair use??
Happy New Year Loring!!

Ruth said...

It's ridiculous. Can you imagine them sitting around in the Boardroom discussing these things?

Ruth said...

Don tells me the paper says 4 feet coming to you. Have fun! And use the snow blower, not the shovel!

Loring Wirbel said...

Ruth, we only got the remnants of the big Sierra storm. The ski resorts got hit hard, but the Front Range blocked Denver and CS from getting 90 percent of it. Nice four-inch dusting today, though.

Happy New Year to you, Brian. I can't believe that Christian wanted to challenge you on the 2008 recession issue. Hell, there ain't no working economy this side of the pond that I can see!

Ruth said...

I guess it's good you didn't get socked. Sometimes I'm sorry when we don't get the big storms predicted.