Saturday, May 5, 2007

Thugs By Nature

In the aftermath of violent and juvenile behavior by tactical riot squads in Los Angeles and Colorado Springs, I'm reverting to the image of police I had at age 16 -- pigs until proven otherwise. But the saddest aspect of the recent provocations, as shown in citizen comment pages in the Los Angeles Times and Colorado Springs Gazette, is the number of citizens who see the beating of peaceful demonstrators and bystanders as par for the course. Praise the local police and first-responders, support the president, love the war, and never never doubt the words of any person in authority. Maybe on some issues involving the White House this position is becoming a minority view, but when cops in full battle regalia want to clobber those illegal aliens and annoying demonstrators, there are far too many citizens egging them on. Pigs aren't dressed just in blue and gold, they're commonplace throughout the society.

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