Friday, April 13, 2007

Vonnegut is Dead; David Rovics is Alive; Phyllis Bennis is Kickin' Ass; Protesters Are on Trial; Space Symposium Warriors are ASAT-Scrappin'

Sorry for the extended silence. April 9 was an exhausting week, working two gigs at once and trying to keep up with events around town, while not collapsing. This is the week Kurt Vonnegut died, a milestone I expected. He considered the success of his last book to be a glass of champagne at the end of life, so no tears are required.
In this week:
* Phyllis Bennis (left) came to town and warned us not to exaggerate the difference between the "prudent imperialists" of the Clinton era and the present gang of "reckless empire-drivers." She offered lots of strategies to end the Iraq war and made short work of the Colin Powell "Pottery Barn" excuse for staying in Iraq: "When a bull is in the china shop, you don't negotiate with the bull to clean up after himself. You get the bull out of the china shop as quickly as possible."
* David Rovics (right) played the Gill Foundation on the eve of his 40th birthday, offering several songs very appropriate to Colorado Springs. Barb Doyle and Annie Garretson opened for him. Great show, and David Rovics is a great guy.
* The protesters who were dragged out of the St. Patrick's Day parade got their day in court Tuesday, and Bill Sulzman made the front page of the Colorado Springs Gazette waving a peace flag.
* The space warriors were out in force at the National Space Symposium, and debated arcane issues of space security. Surprisingly, both the head of Strategic Command and the director of the National Reconnaissance Office said that the Air Force Chief of Staff had been too alarmist regarding the Jan. 11 China ASAT test.


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